The Cocoon

The Cocoon

Think Tank Social Pre-Incubator

Think Tank Social Pre-Incubator is a comprehensive program designed to help young ideas to become sustainable, impactful and added value social initiatives/enterprises. We help young social entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running an enterprise, by providing mentoring, training, technical support, and seed funding. The sole purpose of the pre-incubator is to help them grow their qualifications to be able to build their social initiatives / enterprises and achieve their social impact.


  1. Creating inclusive environment for young people
  2. Providing open / free space for youth to develop and implement their social projects / businesses, aiming at achieving the desired social change in Egypt.
  3. Raising young people’s awareness about social entrepreneurship, social enterprises, sustainable development, and social business modeling.
  4. Creating a platform for supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why is it named “The Cocoon”?

As nascent ideas are similar to young larva; Ideas need social incubators to be entrepreneurial projects as much as the larva needs a cocoon to be a beautiful butterfly. As we believe in the butterfly effect; your idea might be small and simple but it would have a large impact on the society.

Target Group:

Young social entrepreneurs

Young people who have an idea for social development initiative / enterprise and are passionate about their ideas. Their ideas must be innovative, applicable and have social impact.  


Young people who have the time and expertise to help young entrepreneurs implement their Initiatives / enterprises.

Mentors and Coaches

Experts and professionals who are willing to give part of their time to help young people in their learning journey and want to have an impact in the society.


Think Tank Social Pre-Incubator lasts for 6 months, and provides many services during this period.

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Technical & Financial Support
  • Networking


British Council – Active Citizens Program


Who can apply?

  • Youth between 18-30 years.
  • Who have ideas for projects that (Have social impact, applicable and innovative)
  • The idea of the project falls under one of these fields:
    • Education
    • Youth Employment
    • Health
    • Environment


How to apply?
Accepted applicants will be selected in two phases:
– 1st  phase: by filling in the application form
– 2nd phase: through interviews with accepted applicants from the 1st phase

To apply, please fill in the application form on the following link: